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Medication policy
ALL medications must be brought to school by the parent/guardian. No medications of ANY kind (over the counter or prescription) are to be brought to school by a student and will not be given to a student to transport home.

  • A parent/guardian must give written permission by signing a medication authorization form. Medications of any kind will not be given without a parent's/guardian's written request. Forms are available in the clinic, Or print from this site under Klein ISD Medication Policy link.

  • Non prescription medications will only be administered for a period of 2 weeks with written parental permission and must be age appropriate for the student. A physician's note will be required for any nonprescription medication needed for longer than 2 weeks.

  • Medication must be in its original container.

  • Only prescription medications needed for the student to remain in school will be given by the school nurse. Medications prescribed "three times a day" can  be given before & after school and at bedtime and Not during school hours.
  •  Orders from physicians licensed in other US states may be accepted on a temporary 30- day basis while families new to Texas establish a medical home.                                         
  • No vitamins, health food, or herbal preparations will be given by the school nurse.

    Please refer to the Student Handbook for detailed information.
Klein ISD Medication Policy
Medication Policy     Medication Authorization Form