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Medicaid and CHIPS applications
Applying for Medicaid/CHIPS online Parents can now apply for state health coverage for their children from the convenience of their home computer at any hour of the day or night. A new online application for Children’s Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is now available at If you are unable to access this on line site the Nurse has applications in the clinic. Feel free to ask her for one.
Nam Services
Please click on the link below to access Nam's website.

Medicaid, CHIP and Perinatal Health Insurance

In an effort to assist the Houston community, NAM Children's Clinic now has a Community Health Choice Outreach Representative that
assists families and clients with enrollment for Medicaid, CHIP and Perinatal health insurance. In addition, Lance Jones assists families with WIC
and Food Stamp programs.

Lance Jones is available each Tuesday from 09:00 to 03:30 p.m., at the NAM Children's Clinic located on the third floor. The street address is
15555 Kuykendahl Road, 3rd floor, Houston, TX 77090. Families normally wait 10 - 15 minutes before receiving service. Lance Jones does
assist patients with Medicaid re-enrollment.

Documents that are needed prior to the appointment are:

1. Birth certificates for each family member
2. Parent ID or Driver's License
3. Proof income (one check stub in the last 60 days)
4. Social Security Card for each family member.

Please feel free to contact Lance Jones directly at the NAM Children's Clinic at:

(281)885-4542 - Voice messages can be left at this number by either the nurse or family members