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Consider a toy from the dollar store instead of a birthday food treat. Your classmates will remember you and the toy a lot longer than it takes to eat a birthday treat and the cost can be the same or even less. All can participate and not worry about allergies!

If you decide to order a birthday snack from the Zwink cafeteria the following procedure will take place:
  1. The parent/guardian requesting the birthday snack should contact our Cafeteria Manager to choose an item with at least a 2 week notice prior to the day the snack is to be provided to your child's class.
  2. The school nurse will review the snack item and may contact you if a different item should be considered due to food allergies in the classroom.
  3. Parents in the classroom must have given their written permission for their child to eat a snack throughout the school year when offered. Only children who have a parent signed snack form on file will be offered the birthday snack.
  4. A "Birthday Snack Parent Permission" form will be sent home to parents who have requested to be contacted with ingredients each time a snack is offered.