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Students return on August 21, 2017

Tep students
will enter the building at 7:00AM

Students will be released to the bus at 2:10 PM


The TEP Mission:  The staff, students, parents, and guardians of the Therapeutic Education Program are committed to helping all students acquire the academic, social, and behavioral skills necessary for improving general education participation. We believe that students have the right to learn these skills in a safe, structured, therapeutic environment.

  • Update your AGR Card online.  Please assist us by providing your current contact and demographic information on the AGR/enrollment card.   The information on the AGR/enrollment card is used by campus administrators, counselors, the school nurse, teachers, and other staff to communicate with you about your student. We want to continue our efforts to insure that you have the information you need about your student’s academic plan, behavior and health.  TEP also requests an email address or a fax number so that we may notify you daily with your child's behavior concerns.

    The TEP dress code is:  
    Khaki or black pants (no jeans)
    Black or white collared shirt (no logo)
           Optional:  Undershirt, black, white or grey with no logo or printing
           Optional:  Sweatshirt, grey or black with no hood, no pockets, no zipper, no logo
    Socks, belt, and shoes are required and must be in accordance with the KISD Dress code as per the KISD Student Handbook
    No free dress or PE clothing may be worn under the uniform
    Hair style must be in accordance with the KISD Dress Code as per the KISD Student Handbook.  (No hair designs)

    Transportation department personnel will call with a bus number and pick up time.  If you have not received a call two days prior to your first attendance day, call your transportation center:  Residences north of FM 1960: (832) 249-4575 or (832) 249-4590.  Residents south of FM 1960:  (832) 249-4106. 

    Attendance Tips:  If a parent or guardian provides transportation to school, the parent or guardian should come into the office to sign the student in.  Arrival at school should be between 7:00 am and 7:15 am. 

    At dismissal, busses are released at 2:10 pm.  If a parent or guardian provides transportation from school, please arrive in the main office between 2:10 - 2:20 to sign your student out.

    To phone in a student absence please call Ms. Medina at 832-249-4121.