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We are so excited to offer a new option to purchasing Birthday or Memorial Books!  

A great way to support new books in the library is to purchase a book for your child's birthday.  One of our vendors, Bound to Stay Bound, is offering a free service to help support our library. You can click on the link below and let your child choose a book they would like to add to the library.The book will be delivered to our library ready to shelve once a month.  There is no tax or delivery fee! They will place a bookplate inside the book with your child's name and birthday. You can fill out everything online and pay by credit card from the convenience of your home. I will present the book to your child during their library time and they will be the first person to check out their book. We have a birthday bulletin board in the library and we will add your child's name when the book is presented.

Order a birthday book on this link:

Thank you for supporting the Theiss Library!