Theiss Clinic
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Welcome to the Theiss Health Clinic!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Adventure at Theiss
We can't wait to promote health and wellness for our Tigers!

School Nurse: Bonnie Kerry, BSN, RN

phone: 832-484-5886
fax: 832-484-7886

Clinic Assistant: Sharyl Emert                
phone: 832-484-5878                     

Medication Policy:
1.All medication must be brought to and picked up from the clinic by a parent. Children are not permitted to transport medications.
2. All medications require written permission from a parent. Forms are located in the clinic.
3. Only prescription medication needed for the student to remain in school will be given by the clinic. Prescription medication must be in the original container, kept locked and stored in the nurse's office.
3. Over the counter medications will only be administered for a period of 2 weeks with written parent permission. A doctor’s note will be required for any OTC medication needed longer than 2 weeks.

Please notify attendance if your child is absent due to illness. Please contact the clinic if your child has been diagnosed with flu. Students will be sent home with a fever of 100.0 and are required to stay home until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication.

Remember, hand washing is the single most important tool for preventing the spread of illness!

Texas State Law requires immunizations to be current for admission to school. Send a copy of your child’s immunizations to the clinic anytime your child receives another immunization. For information regarding immunizations and other health services, click on Immunization Requirements for School Attendance.

In order for us to help other children, please return any borrowed clothing to the clinic. If your child received underwear it is yours to keep, but we ask that you replace it with a new pair.

We look forward to helping your children have a safe, healthy and positive school year.

For more information visit Klein ISD Health Services.