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scholastic Book Fair
As you prepare your summer schedule, please don't forget to schedule time for some fun reading!
It is important that students continue reading and learning all summer. We have created A Summer
Reading Challenge for your children.

Have fun reading with your child this summer!  

Wacky Reading

Choose 5

fun ways to read from this column

Explore and Share

Choose 5

interesting challenges from this column

Super Readers’ Challenge

Choose 1

super challenge to complete

Read in the bathtub!

(no water--just blankets)

       HA! HA! HA1

Make your own joke book. Collect jokes and riddles from your family and friends.

Selfie Challenge

Take a selfie of yourself reading.

Be creative & have fun!

Email your photo to

Mrs. Parr or share your photo on a Google Slide! We will publish it on the

Library Web Site,

Use a funny accent               as you read a picture book aloud to your pet or a stuffed animal!

Is It Real?

Read 3 nonfiction books about

Subjects that you are

Interested in.

Build a blanket fort and read in it for 20 minutes!

Read a book of poems and choose your favorite to perform for friends or family!

        Organize your home

    Library books.  Sort them

     By fiction and nonfiction.

Read a 2018 Bluebonnet,

a Caldecott & a Newbery Award book. Found on Overdrive or

       At the public library

Super Writers’ Challenge

Extend the story for one of the books you read this summer.  

Write a different ending, or tell the story from a different character’s point of view.  Another idea is to write a chapter telling what happens next!

Extend it any way you want...just be sure to

Take your time, and show your best writing!

Read a graphic novel or comic book!

Try our online graphic novels on Capstone located onStudentnet: UN:  theiss    PW:  tigers

Ask a family member what their favorite childhood book was. Read it and talk about it with them!

Visit the Barbara

Bush Library

Sign up for your own library card

And check out some

Fantastic books.

Address: 6817 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, TX 77379

Phone:(281) 376-4610

Have a Reading Party with friends! Invite some friends over & have them bring some of their favorite books. Read each other’s books for 20 minutes and have treats as you talk about your books!

Read or listen to an audio book from Studentnet

Try some audiobooks from Overdrive: )Login:  Library card#  S + student ID

PW:  last 4 digits of student ID)

 or Tumblebooks (UN: theiss  PW: tigers!

  If you are going on a family

     trip this summer, read

     about your destination;

   in either a book or website

Make a travel route on a map.

Super Design Challenge

Pick your favorite book from your summer reading.

Design a new cover for it!  

Make it colorful, make your final product something you are proud of!

Remember all the parts that a good book cover needs: a great illustration, title & author.

Read a funny or spooky story at night with a flashlight!

Read to a senior citizen,

Grandparents or neighbor!

Read the directions from a

Seed packet.  Follow the directions

& see if you can grow something.

           WHAT’S COOKING

Read recipe books. Select a recipe & make it.

Read under the kitchen table!

Take turns reading one page at a time with a brother, sister or friend!
Summer Reading
We encouraged our Theiss Tigers to read over the summer. Twenty-four students completed the "Summer Readers' Challenge."  We will celebrate them Friday, September 23rd with an ice cream party. 

We kicked off this year's Star Reader Program & revealed our "sweet" shirts.  Letters went home September 14th explaining the program to parents.  Students were so excited to start earning their points/books in order to down to the library & claim their shirts.

The fall Scholastic book fair will be set up & open for business October 18, 19, & 20th.  Our family night at the book fair will be Wednesday, October 19th from 3:30 to 6:30.

Reading Express
The Reading Express in Klein ISD's mobile library for summer reading. Check out times and locations at
Online Reading Resources
Theiss offers several reading databases for our students that they can access during the summer. Check out these on the
"Awesome websites" link on our library home page.
Welcome to the Theiss Library Website. We are so excited about our new library learning center. The center has been a wonderful addition to our library. Students visit the library weekly for library lessons and to check out books.

Klein Grade level Summer Reading Lists and Elementary Library Programs

Librarian: Elaine Parr

Assistant: Susan Lorehn

The Theiss Library:
Contains over 13,000 books

The library is open for student use from 8:00 to 3:20 each school day.
For further details call

If you have any questions please contact us.
Phone # 832-484-5888