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Reading Programs

The Strack Library sponsors two reading programs: the Genre Reading Program and the Lone Star Reading Program.

Students who participate in either program will be invited to the End-of-the-Year Celebration in May.
Genre Reading Programs

Students are asked to read from a variety of genre.
Students choose their own books and complete a genre reading log.
Mrs. Adams is available to assist the students in choosing books.
Students are encouraged to read the following types of books:

Sixth Graders

Click here for reading log
Seventh Graders

Click here for reading log.
Eighth Graders

Click here for reading log.
Lone Star Reading Program

Students are asked to read at least 5 books from the Lone Star list to participate.
Students must turn in the Lone Star Reading log to be invited to the End of the Year Reading Celebration.
Click on the Booktalk link to find out more about the books.
Summer Reading Program
Students are encouraged to participate in the Summer Reading Program.  Students who read over the summer are better prepared for the next school year. 

Students should read the following:

3 Fiction books
1 Nonfiction book
1 Graphic novel

Click here for the Summer Reading log and turn it in at the beginning of next school year.

On the second page of this form it gives the students and parents ideas on how to obtain books for the summer.