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What is Nurtured Heart
What is the Nurtured Heart Approach?
Aug 09 2017 - 12:48:00 pm

The Nurtured Heart Approach, NHA, is a social-emotional curriculum developed by the Psychologist Howard Glasser. The Nurtured Heart Approach is a proactive way of catching children being good! Instead of relying on punishments to teach what is acceptable, the NHA recognizes the greatness and the ability to do what is right in every student.

Igniting Greatness

The NHA is based on Three Stands-

1. Absolutely no!

I refuse to give into negative energy.

2. Absolutely yes!

I will relentlessly energize the positive.

3. Absolutely clear!

I will obtain clear rules that have consistent boundaries.


Teachers are encouraged to catch students doing what is right through four energizing success techniques.


1. Active Recognition- an observation of facts of what you see before you.

I observed you ___________.


2. Experiential Recognition- an observation of both the facts that you see and also what that says about a person's greatness.

I see _________ (behavior) and that shows me ________ (character quality).

3. Proactive Recognitions- and honoring and celebration of the rules that have not been broken.

I’m impressed that you ________ instead of _____. That really takes ____ to make that choice.


4. Creative Recognition- A method of creating success that may not otherwise exist.

This technique starts with a doable and clear request and ends with celebration.

I need you to _____(action). You did _____ (action) that shows _____(character quality).


What is a reset?

A reset is time for a student to start again. When a child has broken a rule, a reset is given as a consequence. However, a student is invited to jump right back in after the reset.