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Head Lice
If a student is found to have live lice on their scalp the parent will be notified and will be expected to pick up their student from the clinic immediately A letter will be sent home that day to all students in the grade level stating that a student has been found to have head lice. The child's name or classroom teacher will not be released. It is expected that the student will be treated at home that day with a medicated shampoo or lotion. A note will be sent home with the student that states the proper steps that need to be taken to ensure the home is treated. Upon returning to school the next day the student will again be checked for lice. If the student has live lice he or she will be excluded from school until they have received treatment. Classroom checks will no longer be performed. By the time a child with an active lice infestation has been identified, he or she may have had the infestation for one month or more, and therefore poses little additional risk of transmission to others.

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Students found to be symptomatic of lice infestation will be assessed by school clinic personnel. Students found to have evidence of live lice infestation will be immediately excluded from school. School clinic personnel will check students excluded for live lice upon return to school to determine effective treatment, and again one week later (based on the life cycle of the head louse). Students found to have nits within ¼ inch of the scalp but no live lice will be monitored weekly by the school nurse. When a new live lice infestation is identified by clinic personnel, the Klein ISD Health Services pediculosis letter and checklist will be disseminated to parents in the affected classroom. Pediculosis education information can be found at the Klein ISD Health Services webpage

Lice Checklist

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