Ryan O'Farrell
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Welcome to life Science!

Welcome back Strack Cougars!

I hope you have all had enjoyable summers and are read to back to school and learn about science :)
This year in 7th grade science we will be learning about life, what it is, and how it is maintained in the human body and in plants.

We will be covering the following topics:

- force, motion, energy, and how they are related
- The levels of organization in living things
- The structure and function of different organ systems of the Human body, and how they work together so that you can live
- What organic compounds are
- How the digestive system physically and chemically changes food so it can be used by your body
- The transformation of chemical energy to heat and thermal energy
- How living things maintain stable/balanced internal conditions and respond to external stimuli
- The fact that all living things reproduce and that their offspring have traits governed by genes inherited from their parent's cell(s)
- the differences between the uniform and diverse offspring resulting from asexual and sexual reproduction
- The fact that all living things are composed of cells, and that these cells carry on functions that sustain not only their own life, but the life of the greater organism composed of them.
- The different structures and functions of plant and animal cells and their organelles and how cells function similarly to organisms
- That radiant energy from the sun is transformed into chemical energy through the process of photosynthesis
- how plants respond to internal stimuli by turgor pressure and wilting and external stimuli by geotropism and phototropism
- how humans respond to external stimuli by a fight or flight responce and internal stimuli by fever and vomiting
- how to diagram the flow of energy through living systems by creating food webs, food chains, and energy pyramids
- how to observe and describe the different kinds of environments different kinds of organisms organisms live in and how having many different kinds of organisms (biodiversity) is beneficial to sustainability of and ecosystem