Zwink Physical Education
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Rules and Expectations
PE Rules
Aug 17 2017 - 12:45:00 pm

·       Walk into the gym and go to your assigned spot.

·       Listen, Follow Directions.

·       Do not talk while a coach is talking.

·       Participate Appropriately.

·       All mouths should be empty (no candy, gum, paper clips, etc.).

·       Be polite and use good manners.

·       Report inappropriate language or actions to an adult right away.

·       Students must have adult permission to leave the gym for water or the restroom.

·       Use the equipment only when a coach instructs you to.

·       Keep hands and feet to yourself. Do not touch other people.

·       Leave all pens, pencils, water bottles, toys in classroom. Do not bring into the gym.

·       Wear appropriate dress to P.E. Girls should wear shorts under any skirt or dress. Tennis shoes should be worn.

·       Tennis shoes should be tied and strapped properly.

·       Know your P.E. days. We will be inside or outside.

·       No spinning in your spot. You can trip or kick others.

·       Parent notes are accepted for up to 3 days to sit out. Anything longer, a doctor’s note is required.