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Hello and Welcome
Please Please Please buy some scotch tape and scissors for your child and be sure they are in his/her pencil bag at all times

Hello and Welcome!! I'm excited to get this new school year up and running.
This year I will be teaching 7th grade Science. This website is where you can find a wealth if information. Use the navigation links on the left hand side of this page to access information about our daily agenda, homework, test/quiz dates, project directions and notes generated in class. I will also post assignments that are not copyright protected. 

I have 2nd period conference: 10:00 - 10:45
We will have C lunch this year from 12:40 - 1:10  
My school phone number is 832-249-5757

My e-mail address is pgreen@kleinisd.net - best way to contact me during the school day. I can respond to an e-mail during class if necessary unlike a phone call.

We will be going one to one this year. Each student will receive their own Chromebook. The roll-out for Chromebooks is scheduled for August 31. We will spend that day getting to know our new computer and all the bells and whistles. The expectation is that students will come to school each day with a completely charged computer as well as all other needed supplies. We will be using the computer every day in science so please be sure yours is ready to go.

Students will be allowed to carry their backpacks all day so you may decide you don't need a locker. You can request a locker the second week of school if you decide you need one.  

I am looking forward to a great school year. With all the changes we will be learning a lot of new things together. Please be patient with me as I navigate these new waters and I will be patient with you. Baby Steps.

Pam Green

ClassworkHomeworkTests Page
The ClassworkHomeworkTest page is where you will find the class agenda. I will be updating this agenda on a daily basis so please check this site after school each day for any changes that may have occurred throughout the day. Due to unforeseen circumstances these assignments may change without notice.

Online Science Textbook
This year we will be using both StemScopes and Edusmart. Both of these resources are online only so students will NOT be receiving a textbook. Once we get our Chromebooks the students will have access to both resources. Until then I will be providing them with what they need for class.

Once I know how students will be accessing these resources I will post the information here. 

Jason Learning
Jason Learning is a computer based resource students can use to enhance the learning of science concepts. 

Once I have the information for logging onto Jason I will post that here.