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Welcome to Nitsch Elementary
Nitsch Elementary School
4702 West Mount Houston
Houston, Texas 77088
Nitsch Elementary will provide learning experiences in a safe, nurturing, and disciplined environment that promotes academic achievement, civic responsibility, and desire to continue learning. With parent and community involvement, we will prepare our students for a lifetime of success.

En Nitsch Elementary Daremos experiencias de aprendizaje en un lugar seguro y disciplinado que nutre, y  que promueve el logro académico, la responsabilidad cívica y el deseo de seguir aprendiendo.Con la participación de los padres y la comunidad, vamos a preparar a nuestros estudiantes para una vida de éxito.
  • May 23, 2013 Dads Of Great Students Program Pizza Night Event!
  • Check-In Procedures
    Klein ISD has implemented the following check in procedures:
    1. When a visitor comes to the front office, the individual must produce a Texas driver's license. The license will be scanned using the V-soft system, and a visitor's badge will be printed. Visitors will not be permitted in the building without a badge.
    2. Registration cards will be checked for verification that the person is permitted to have contact with the child.
    3. Visitors must sign in and out on the visitor's sheet.

    Procedimientos Inmediatos:
    El Distrito de Klein ISD ha implementado el siguiente procedimiento:
    1. Cuando un visitante llega a la oficina de una escuela, el individuo debe presentar su identificación personal del estado de Tejas. La identificación sera escaneada usando el sistema V-soft , y una identificación con foto sera imprimida para que se la coloque. No se van a permitir visitantes en las escuelas sin esta identificación.
    2. Las tarjetas de registro van a ser revisadas para verificar que el visitante tenga permiso para ver al estudiante.
    3. Los visitantes deben firmar una hoja de entrada y salida cuando llegan a la escuela.
    Absent Note Reminder
    If a student is absent from school for any reason, they are required, on his return to school, to bring a written excuse signed by his parents. This note must be turned in within 5 school days after the absence has occurred or it becomes categorized as an unexcused absence. If a student has been ill and has been to the doctor, please send a doctor’s note within 5 days of their return to school. We appreciate and want you to call the school and report your child’s absence so that we know they are safe, but the phone call must be followed by a written note and/or medical note.
    If you have any further questions, please contact the school.