Susie Whisnant
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Welcome to Mrs. Whisnant's
Math Detective Agency!

My name is Susie Whisnant and I am the Math Tutor at Theiss. I work with students in grades 3-5 to help them meet their full math potential. I have been in education for 37 years! The past 28 years I have specialized in Mathematics! This will be my 7th year at Theiss and I look forward to another wonderful year! I have been married to my husband, John, for 34 years and have one son, Daniel, who is 28. Pictured above you will see my dog, Ziva! I love teaching and trying to make learning math fun and meaningful for my students!

During the months of October and November I am inviting my students to be a part of a fun and innovative Math Club called
Bedtime Math's Crazy 8's Club. We will meet every Wednesday, after school, from 3:20 - 4:20 in my classroom. This is an 8 week program to show the students how math can be fun and how it is used in the real world. There is no cost to the students, as the materials are provided by Bedtime Math, which is a non profit organization. Glow in-the-Dark Geometry, Bouncy Dice and the Toilet Paper Olympics are just a few of the fun activities that we will be participating in each week.

Concerts at the Centrum

Many studies have shown a direct relationship between interest in the arts and math performance. Cypress Creek FACE has graciously donated tickets to me so that I can take 6 students to each of the monthly 3:00 concerts in their Promenade Series. Students must work hard in my class to earn this privilege. Every student will have the opportunity to go to one of the concerts throughout the year. When your child has earned this reward, I will send home a permission slip with them a week before the concert for you to sign and return. This is a wonderful opportunity to share a cultural experience with the children as well as an incentive to work hard in my class. There is no cost for this. Click for a Permission Slip.