Sonya Shepherd
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My name is Sonya Shepherd and I am the counselor at Eiland. As a school counselor, I serve as a support person for students, staff members, and parents.

The Counseling Program . . .

The counseling program is vital to the elementary school because it provides guidance contact in a systematic way to all students. It is directed toward educational guidance with emphasis on direct contact with students, parents, and educational staff.

The Guidance Counselor . . .
• helps students to develop self-understanding and self-awareness
• promotes positive attitudes and choices
• counsels with students/parents regarding student choices in the educational and social areas of the student’s life
• provides group guidance activities
• provides referral information for parents to community agencies and/or private practitioners
• assists teachers in working with students with special needs
• consults with teachers, administrators, and parents regarding special needs of students

To visit the Counselor…
Students may seek counseling in the following ways:
• self-referral
• teacher referral
• administrative referral
• parent referral
• referral by any other concerned person

You may contact me by calling my office at 832-484-6923 or by emailing me at

Uniform Exchange Day
Parents may come exchange items their children can no longer wear for some that they can. You do not have to bring anything to be able to get items.  All clothing brought needs to be clean, have working buttons and zippers, and be free of rips and tears.