Sherree Walther
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Hi. My name is Sherree Walther and I am excited to have the privilege of working with your children. This is my 10th year in Klein; my 8th year as the PASS teacher at Strack. After my "stay at home mom" job disappeared when my kids went off to college, I decided to be a "mom" to other kids. My educational career began in 2007 at Klein Forest H.S. as a long-term substitute in Speech-Communications-Debate. A semester of BCIS: Business Communications Information Systems was an eye opener to me regarding technology. I learned as I taught! I then went on to teach a semester of Chemistry and a semester of English to juniors and ultimately decided I was ready to become an "official" educator, although I knew it would NOT be in Science, ELA and probably not computers.  I got my teacher certification from Region IV and went on to work a year at  Klein's awesome Therapeutic Educational Program (TEP). That is where I found my niche. Helping students with emotional disabilities. 

At it's core, PASS is about educating:providing both instruction and practice in the social skills that students need to be successful in life. PASS provides educational services within the mainstream settings to students with behavioral issues. 

PASS is a behavioral support program that takes "A Positive Approach to Student Success". The goal of the PASS Program is to teach our students the appropriate social skills so they can monitor, control and redirect their own behavior to help them be successful in the general education classroom. PASS facilitates the student's development of self-management skills.

Debbie Rogers and Shandi Snell are my "right and left hands" by helping me with frequent monitoring of all students, collecting data and providing support, instruction and love to our students!  PASS provides these behavioral supports throughout the day with frequent and consistent monitoring of students while in their classrooms and by providing behavior "coaching". We set daily and weekly goals in order to positively impact a change and reward the students' successes. 
Communication is critical to the success of our students so please know we will be in touch frequently with updates on your children. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time with questions or concerns.