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Welcome to Third Grade!
This is my 7th year at Mittelstadt, even though I have been teaching for 30+ years.  I had taught for about 15 years in various countries overseas at American International Schools. Before that I was in the public school systems in Alief, Texas and San Diego, California.
The third grade curriculum is very rigorous.  For example, in math, by the end of third grade all students should master the basic mulitiplication facts through 12.
Math Skills in third grade include:

  • Place Value to the Millions
  • Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction
  • Simple Fractions
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Problem Solving
  • Multi-step word problems
  • U.S. Money

Some of the skills students will complete in reading/language arts are:
  • read at their appropriate level
  • comprehend what they read
  • write a personal narrative
  • write to a prompt and for fun
  • memorize and recite a poem each week
  • spell words correctly
  • use correct grammar when speaking and writing
  • use cursive handwriting by the end of the year



    In the third grade students will be expected to read independently for a sustained period of time (30 minutes) and be able to paraphrase the story.

    At the start of the year handwriting will focus on correctly forming printed letters. Later in the year we will learn and use cursive!

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