Ms. Rachel Nye
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Please note that we are still in a transition period in regards to Skyward, Google Classroom, and Schoology.  The best place to look for grades at any time is always SKYWARD!!!  Google Classroom is being used this year, and eventually everything will be combined and found in both Skyward and Schoology in 2018.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to strive for excellence with the most innovative technology tools in education.

EVERY student EVERY day
Stay True to the CORE!

Every student is responsible 
for keeping a composition book, spiral, 
and folder in the classroom. A binder 
with divider tabs should be brought back 
and forth daily, along with a 
CAT, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, 
highlighters, and a choice reading book.

Please also be sure to replenish the 
basic school supplies such as note-
book paper, pens, pencils, erasers, 
highlighters, etc. on a regular basis. 

Please send shared class 
supplies including Kleenex, 
Germ-X, index cards, 
and sticky 
notes as well.

We will be using Chromebooks starting this school year.  Please make sure students bring them to charged to class every day along with their own headphones. Also, we sometimes use students' personal cell phones in class. 
We will also be using Chromebooks along with Google Classroom and apps in 2017.  
Please check Google Classroom for more specific details.

Welcome to 6th grade language arts! We work hard together,
but we also have FUN with reading, writing, and communication
skills along our educational journey!

You can follow on Twitter  @StrackKISD @R_Nye_6 #Strack2Success

We will also be using Chromebooks along with Google Classroom and apps in 2017. 
Please check Google Classroom for more information.

Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.
My conference time is during 3rd period 11:00-11:30
Monday/Friday (by appointment only).
My phone extension is 832-249-5370 (messages are checked,
but they are not checked as regularly as email). The direct
line for the school is (832) 249-5400.
*Please also note the dates and activities are subject to change.

*Also, please keep in mind that this web site is an EXTRA tool for students and
parents to stay connected.  It is still the students' responsibility to keep up with
 their work, Google Classroom assignments, due dates, homework, quizzes, tests, etc.

*Please use Skyward to access assignments, due dates, grades, and other information as well.
*You can also keep connected by signing up for the Remind app and following on Twiter!


Our FIVE Cougar core values focus on the following character traits:

1. Intentional Integrity
2. Collaborative Community
3. Innovative Thinking
4. Positive Relationships
5. Academic Excellence

Please remember to follow all school and classroom rules to avoid disruptions in your (and others') education. Follow instructions, be prepared for class, and get the teacher's attention properly so that we can make the most of our time together. Remember Ms. Nye's three R's:

  • build relationships
  • be respectful and
  • be responsible!

    I went to KISD schools as a student (Kaiser, Wunderlich, Doerre, and Klein High).
    I did my student teaching in Klein schools as well (Hildebrandt and Benfer). After
    I graduated with an education degree and a minor in English from Sam Houston
    State University, I taught 5th grade at Nitsch Elementary School in KISD for
    three years. I have now been teaching language arts at Strack for nineteen years
    (twenty two years total---whew!) Strack is a GREAT place to work, both in and out
    of the classroom; I have also been involved with detention, sports ticket and
    concession sales, various technology teams, Community Problem Solvers,
    Intramurals, spelling bee, grade repair/recovery, summer school, and Student
    Council as a sponsor. My mom is a retired French&English teacher from Klein High School. 
    My sister has taught math and science at Eiland and Mueller, 
    and is now at Schultz Elementary, My daughter is a freshman at the brand new Klein Cain High School, and my son is a fifth grader at Benfer !

    When I am not at Strack teaching or involved with other school activities,
    I enjoy music, reading, writing, cooking, playing games, watching
    tv, Netflix, Amazon, and movies, and spending time with my friends and family.
    I am also an avid super heroes/Wonder Woman and Astros (baseball)
    fan! I have a daughter who is fifteen years old and in the ninth grade.  
    I had one son for only a short time, but I was then blessed with another
    son who is now ten years old and is in fifth grade.