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Hi!  My name is Ms. Kasem and I will be teaching 6th grade science this year.  I look forward to teaching your child in one of our exciting classes. We will have a successful year together! 
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Science Department Information

Test Days: To be announced 
Grading Scale: 60% major grades,40% Daily grades
No extra credit is offered.

Late Work Penalties
Daily Grades: 11 points will be deducted the first day. 21 points will be deducted the second day. 31 points will be deducted the third day.  After 3 days, grade becomes a 50 when it gets turned in.
Major grades: 11 points will be deducted the first day. 21 points will be deducted the second day. 31 points will be deducted the third day. After 3 days, grade becomes a 50 when it gets turned in.
Absence Policy
It is the student's responsibility to get the assignment missed from an absence, complete it, and turn it in. Most assignments will be posted online and can be done at home. You have the same number of days you were absent to complete the assignment.  Please check parent connection as well because I will attach worksheets we have done to the assignments.  These worksheets can be downloaded, printed, and done at home if the assignment is missing or if the student was absent.
Lab Information
  • We will be doing scientific investigations throughout the year.
  • Before a student may go to lab, he/she must turn in all safety contracts. We will be going over the safety rules the first week of school.
  • All safety rules must be followed when in lab, or disciplinary action will take place. Students may also lose points for behavior.
  • All lab reports must be done in the proper format and written in pencil, or the student will lose 5 points.
  • Students are required to wear closed-toed shoes, wear short sleeves, and pull long hair back while in the lab. If a student fails to be appropriately dressed for lab, he/she will not participate. The student will only be able to observe the lab from the "sidelines."
  • Students can keep an extra pair of sneakers in their locker, but they MUST remember to bring them to class on lab days. I will not allow them to go to their P.E. locker to get shoes.
Notebook Set Up
Organization is a key to success. Ms. Kasem expects her students to stay organized.
Composition books will be used as an interactive notebook that will contain labs, notes, etc.

A binder and plastic dividers with pockets will also be needed as a place to put some worksheets, review sheets, tests, etc.

How to Keep in Touch
Students are required to copy down their class and homework assignments daily in class. However, in an effort to assist students and parents with information about their science class and activities, the following website is available:
If you would like to e-mail me about your child, please send an e-mail directly to the email address provided by the teacher/counselor and put your child's first and last name and grade level on the subject line. This is very important, as I do not open e-mail from unfamiliar sources.
I can also be reached by phone by leaving a voicemail at the phone number to be announced. The most efficient form of communication is via e-mail, however.
IMPORTANT: This is to help assist students and parents with classroom information. It does not take the place of the student's responsibility of copying down assignments in class and being prepared for due dates and test dates.
Retake Policy
To redo a failed test, students must restudy and  retake it before/after school by appointment or during pride, (5th period) with the teacher. Pride will now be a teaching period. It will be up to administration to determine if we are able to retest during this period.

Anyone can retake an exam for a better grade, however, the new grade will be an average of the two tests.  If the first grade is a failing grade, then the student MUST retake the test.  In leiu of retesting, we are no longer offering test corrections.  We feel it is more important for the student to take the time to master the information and do well on the exams.