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Welcome to Ms. Abraham’s 6th grade Social Studies class! This year we will go around the world to learn about geography, history, culture, government, and economics.


Contact Info:  aabraham1@kleinisd.net 
My email is the best way to contact me. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Course Description:
In this course, students study people, places, and societies of he contemporary world. Students will describe geographic characteristics of various societies, the influences of  individuals and groups on historical and contemporary events, and identify different ways of organizing social, economic, and governmental systems.

Link to access Textbook Online: http://my.hrw.com 
Textbook Title: Contemporary World Studies

Username: Full Klein ISD email address
                  (ex:  jbur2219@students.kleinisd.net)
Password: Addressee part of email address
                  (ex:  jbur2219)


Please Note: Students will also have access to a classroom set of books. Each student will be assigned to a textbook that is to remain in the classroom at all times. If a student would like a textbook for home, parents or guardians are asked to visit the front office to personally sign one out.

Daily Supplies: Students will need the following materials in class every school day.

  • Your charged KISD Chromebook Tablet (Students scheduled to receive August 31, 2017)
  • 3-ring Binder with a Set of Dividers
  • Map pencils (Colored Pencils)     
  • No.2 pencils and a Handheld pencil sharpener
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • Loose-leaf Notebook paper
  • **You may use highlighters, rulers, or round-top scissors, but they are not required for class.

Divider Sections for Class Binder:

            - Warm-ups/Vocab
            - Notes
            - Work in Progress or Unfinished Work
            - Maps
            - Graded Work

Test Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Grading Guidelines: Major Grades 60%, Minor Grades 40%
Please see Doerre Grading Guidelines for all Late Work and Retest policies.

Tutoring/Make-up Work Help: Students should plan to complete all Make-up tests and Retests for Social Studies during PRIDE Time. PRIDE Time is also the time set aside for students to receive help on class assignments. All Doerre PRIDE Time routines and expectations are discussed with students during Week 1.

Class Behavior Expectations:

  1. Be seated before the tardy bell rings and begin working on the warm-up – or you will be marked tardy.
  2. Bring all Daily Supplies, (listed above), with you to class each day.
  3. Treat people and property with respect at all times. If it isn’t yours – Leave it alone.
  4. Students will not be permitted to leave class during instruction time. Hall passes will be distributed in cases of emergency only.
  5. Chewing gum and the use of cell phones for reasons outside of instruction are not permitted in class.
  6. Students must be sure to always follow Doerre Map Instructions when completing map assignments. (These are posted in class, in student binders, and on class web page.)
  7. Clean around your work area at the end of the class period and remain seated until you are dismissed.
  8. Students are dismissed from class by the classroom teacher, not the bell.
  9. Follow ALL Chromebook Student Contract Responsibilities at ALL times. (Separate documents for Klein ISD Chromebook use will be sent home upon Chromebook distribution.)

 Absences: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the class calendar and folder on the whiteboard to see what was missed. Be sure to also talk to Ms. Abraham at the beginning of class for additional information. **The handbook states that you have the same number of days you were absent to complete the assignment.** After the teacher informs you of your make-up tests or gives the necessary assignment, you will not be reminded again.

 This will be a GREAT year in 6th grade social studies! We are off to an exciting year of exploring the world around us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. Also, for information on assignments and their due dates, be sure to visit the class website. 

Fall Open House PowerPoint: Parents and students, please click the link Here to view the PowerPoint that was presented during Open House this year. You will find generally the same information listed on the Home page.