Mrs. Shaw
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Music Memory
Students listen to a famous musical piece each week and follow along with a "listening map".

After listening to four selections, students take tests that involve listening to a very short excerpt of a piece of music and identifying the excerpt by title and composer.

Becoming familiar with classical music in this way is a wonderful way for students to appreciate great music!!

5th Grade: Recorders
5th Graders will use a program called Recorder Karate when they learn how to play recorder this year. We have found it to be fun and motivational for the students.

Each student must "pass" each piece of music according to guidelines set by the teacher. If the student "passes" a piece, they get a "karate belt" in that color to add to the bell of their recorder. Just like in "real" karate, the highest belt is the black belt!

Students can practice their "belt pieces" with accompaniment by using this link, (The username is "karate" and I can only tell them the password information at school. The password is a 6 letter word that begins with an "r".)

Recorder Karate Belt Songs
In case you misplace the packet of songs you were given, you can use these.

Recorder Fingering Chart

If you need to look up a fingering, it's right here!
Student Programs
4th graders will perform a program in December. Kindergartners perform a program in May.

Look for details in Wednesday folders as the dates get closer.