Catherine Marr
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Sports Medicine II
Period 4
Athletic Training Room 347

Full year course designed for current Student Athletic Trainers and requires outside-of-class responsibilities.

Teacher approval required

Prerequisite: Sports Medicine I, acceptance into the Athletic Training Program with Teacher's Approval 

Scope and Sequence/Course Syllabus:

Remind 101
Application for Sports Medicine Courses for NON Student Athletic Trainers.

Students should be ON TIME to class EVERYDAY. There are consequences for arriving late to class.
1st Tardy - Warning
2nd Tardy - Warning
3rd Tardy - Office Referral
These consequences are at the discretion of the teacher. Students who arrive excessively late may receive a referral regardless of the number of tardies
The following supplies are required for class:

Blue or Black Ink Pens and Pencils
1 3-Ring Binder with 5 Dividers (Same as SM1).

Students are required to bring materials to class daily. Note taking is an integral part of the daily activities.

Please note that open-toed shoes will not be allowed in the training room.
Every Friday the class will have a taping lab in the Training Room.
Grades are composed of daily activities, quizzes, lab activities, skills, projects and tests.

Major Grades (Tests, Projects, Game Coverage) 60%
Minor Grades (Lab activities, skills, Homework and Daily Activities, includes Notebook and Practice Coverages) 40%

Coverages Missed MUST have a Switch on file (see "Switches" page).

Any student who is unsuccessful (grade below 70) on a daily or major assignment will have one reasonable opportunity as determined by the teacher to redo or retake the assignment in order to show mastery of the material. The “redo” or “retake” assignment will be determined by the teacher and may not be the exact same assignment that was initially assigned, but rather a variation of the initial assignment that will allow the student to show mastery of the content. The student should have the time to participate in a relearning activity either directed by the teacher or self-directed study prior to the retake opportunity. All “redo” or “retake” opportunities must be completed in a timely manner as determined by the teacher with all grades completed and recorded by the end of the six weeks. Teachers within the department will work together to develop a plan where a reasonable number and various opportunities are provided. For example, if three opportunities are given, all three should not be before school opportunities. Each student will have a maximum of five (5) school days to “redo” or “retake” the assignment from the day that they were notified of the grade. For example, a student who is notified of grade on Monday will have until the end of day on the following Monday to complete the “retake.”
Students who participate in the retake opportunity will receive the replacement grade with a ceiling of 70. (Example 1: First grade 50, Second grade 60, the student will receive 60. Example 2: First grade 50, Second grade 80, student will receive 70.)
Students who receive a grade deduction or a zero on an assignment due to the student code of conduct are not eligible for the “redo” or the “retake” opportunity.
Students should strive to turn all assignments in on time. The Late Work Policy is as follows:
*Daily Grades 1 Day Late = 5 Points off per day – up to 5 days
*Major Grades 1 Day Late = 10 Points off per day – up to 5 days
Students who are absent are allowed to make up their assignments. The days allowed for make up work are as follows.
*Exams/Major Projects – As due dates for exams and projects are given in advance, students have 1 week from the test date or due date of project to submit make up work.
*Daily assignments – Students have the same number of days that they were absent to make up the assignment.
NOTEBOOK (3 Ring Binder)
The majority of the work for this class will be completed in a lab setting. It is imperative that every student brings their Notebook to class each day (kept in their Athletics Locker). Please be sure to keep track of your Notebook, as credit cannot be given for assignments if the Notebook is lost. The Notebook will be structured to assist students in organizing their notes and assignments. Students will complete their lecture notes and other assignments in this Notebook. An example will be provided in class as we organize our Notebooks together.
Electronics are not allowed in school. All electronics that are out and heard by or visible to the teacher will be collected and turned into an administrator per KISD Policy. There is a $15.00 fee payable to Klein Collins, parents must retrieve a confiscated cell phone. Please DO NOT bring electronics to class!
There will be NO food or drink in the classroom or the Athletic Training Room during class.

Dinner may be eaten in the training room prior to the game when all the athletes have left the area. Food must be picked up and tables throughly cleaned prior to leaving.