Catherine Marr
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Klein Collins Chapter- NHSSM-NHSSMA

Newly formed (2016) combo NHSSM-NHSSMA organization!!!
National Honor Society of Sports Medicine
National High School Sports Medicine Association 

NHSSM-NHSSMA Mission Statement
The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship in the area of sports medicine and other fields directly related to sports medicine, to stimulate a desire to render service in the community, to promote leadership, and to assist in the development of character in the students of secondary schools.

"Studemus Ut Sanemus" -   Study to Heal

NHSSM Official Colors:
Crimson Red & Gold 

Parent-Student Letter outlining the SAT, SM Courses and KC Chapter of NHSSM

NHSSM- KC information Handout 



NHSSM Constitution

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Cat Marr (Athletic Trainer)

Faculty Advisory Council:
comprised of 3 voting members and 2 non-voting advisor positions: 
Mrs. Marr (AT), Mrs. Land (AP), Mrs. Mooney (HST) and Mr. Chaney (AP/AT), Athletic Trainer #2