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SAT Mini Camp held 1st week of August
Please contact Cat Marr if you are interested in becoming a Student Athletic Trainer. 
Each student MUST attend Mini-Camp @ KC Athletic Training Room.

 Our season begins during beginning the first week in August and continues until the last event in June. 

SAT Mini-Camp 2017: Monday, July 31 @ 8 am! 
**Plan accordingly- Summer Vacation ends for SATs once UIL VB/ FB begins (the first week in Aug!)


Try-outs are conducted during Spring FB practice (May) and Mini-Camp in August, however, if you are interested in becoming a Student Trainer please submit your information via the form on "Requesting More Information" page OR by dropping by the Athletic Training Room anytime.

You must return the completed application packet and have a physical on file in order to try-out.
Dear Prospective Student Athletic Trainers and Parents,
We are pleased you are interested in the KC Tiger Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Program. The Student Athletic Trainers (SATs) work with all Klein Collins athletic teams at all levels of competition. We provide basic First Aid, Sports Medicine/ Athletic Training services and treatments for all freshmen, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity teams. Our Student Athletic Trainers also attend all home games, practices, and scrimmages. Much of our work is after school, Saturdays, and holidays- any time a KC athletic team is participating! 

Athletic Training is a great way to get to know other students, coaches, and some area physicians. The Klein Collins Athletic Training & Sports Medicine program is a great way to gain valuable medical experience that looks great on résumés and college applications. Student Athletic Trainers can earn elective & PE credits, a varsity letter jacket, and possibly scholarships for their hard work. We also have both the National Honor Society of Sports Medicine (NHS-SM) and the National High School Sports Medicine Association (NHSSMA). 

If you are interested in joining our Student Athletic Training Program, have any questions or wish to enter the Sports Medicine Class, please visit the Athletic Training Room at Klein Collins High School, fill out the request for more information, email us at or call us at 832-484-5170.

Student Athletic Trainer Application Check-off Sheet

SAT Application

Student Athletic Trainer Handbook 

KISD Student Contact by Text Message Form

TRYOUT SAT Remind101 APP Text Message Form

KC AT Confidentiality (HIPPA/FERPA) Agreement

other information: 
Parent- Student Informational Letter (Courses) Program course letter

Curriculum Overview
4-year program overview of courses & progression of AT/ AM courses with NHSSM

Leadership Responsibilities & Expectations

Current Intermediate Students (grade 6-8th): 

Interested in helping athletes and don't want to wait until 9th grade at Klein Collins?
Apply and/ or come talk with a Staff Athletic Trainer during Spring Football Tryouts and/ or during KC SAT Mini Camp in August.
During Minicamp, you  will be taught basic first aid and the role of an SAT along with the incoming and current KC SATs. 
Those Intermediate SAT will be expected to help with their campus athletics like Intermediate Football and will be invited to come to home KC Varsity Football games among other opportunities throughout the school year.
We are excited to offer this opportunity and look forward to meeting all Intermediate SAT prospects! 

Please fill out all Try-out paperwork (see above) with the 

Intermediate SAT Application