Catherine Marr
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Training Room located between Athletic Locker Rooms (rm. 347)

Athletic Periods: 1-2 and 4-7
Full year course designed for student athletic trainers and requires outside-of-class responsibilities.

Teacher approval required

Pre-requisite: Sports Medicine I and acceptance into the Athletic Training Program.
Scope and Sequence/Course Syllabus:

SAT Handbook
Revised: 2014

Students should be ON TIME to class EVERYDAY. There are consequences for arriving late to class.
1st Tardy - Warning
2nd Tardy - Warning
3rd Tardy - Office Referral & After School Detention
These consequences are at the discretion of the teacher. Students who arrive excessively late may receive a referral regardless of the number of tardies.
The following supplies are required for class.
Blue or Black Ink Pens and Pencils
1 3-Ring Binder with 5 Dividers.

Students are required to bring materials to class daily. Note taking is an intregal part of the daily activities.

Please note that open toed shoes will not be allowed in the training room as well as backpacks.

Student Trainers need to dress out for their athletic period based on season/sport.
Grades are composed of daily class coverage, practice and game coverage- 100% (participation grade)
NOTEBOOK (3 ring Binder)
The majority of the work for this class will be completed in the Notebook. It is imperative that every student brings their Notebook to class everyday. Please be sure to keep track of your Notebook, as credit cannot be given for assignments if the Notebook is lost. The Notebook will be structured to assist students in organizing their notes and assignments. Students will complete their lecture notes and other assignments in this Notebook. An example will be provided in class as we organize our Notebooks together.
This is accumlitive binder of all 4 years of student trainer participation.
Electronics are not allowed in school. All electronics that are out and heard by or visible to the teacher will be collected and turned in to an administrator. There is a $15.00 fee payable to Klein Collins for parents to retrieve a confiscated cell phone. Please DO NOT bring electronics to class!

There will be no food or drink the Athletic Training Room.
Dinner may be eaten prior to the game when all the athletes have left the building. Food must be picked up and tables throughly cleaned prior to leaving.