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We are pleased to welcome you to the KC Tiger Athletics family!

There are a few important items that must be completed and returned so that we can establish your personal, confidential athletic medical file (grades 7-12). These items are crucial in medically clearing you for participation in athletics and establishing your eligibility.

Incomplete forms will be returned to you which will delay the process.

This process must be complete before you will be allowed to participate in any athletics in any form. This includes Athletics class period, tryouts, before school and after school sessions. 

The Klein Collins Athletic Training Room
The KC Tiger Athletic Training Room is open each school morning for AM Treatments at 6:30 am.
  Late arrival @ 7:40 am 

Athletes who are/ have been injured or have medical notes MUST attend AM Treatments.

All athletes must have a current completed physical form on file in the Athletic Training Room (ATR) PRIOR to any participation including try-outs, athletic class and games/ practices.

UIL Rule: As a minimum requirement this PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM must be completed prior to junior high athletic participation and again prior to first and third years of high school athletic participation.
You can not use the same physical (date) for then next athletic participation physical form

*KISD requires an annual physical exam for each school year- Please see the campus AT for the KISD Spring Physical dates hosted at each high school!

Rule of Thumb: Physicals should be dated after April 1st for the next school year's physical

* Click here to be directed to the KISD electronic physical form site. 

Once all the electronic forms and the printed Physical form has been turned into & verified by the High School Athletic Trainer- THEN the student will be eligible to participate including athletics class period, before/during/after school and offseason.  

If attending a Mass Physicals at KCHS (or any KISD HS)

Each student MUST have:
1. Methodist PERMIT Form- completed (Pink) 
2. Completed KISD Medical History/Physical form with Signatures (2 pages- downloaded & printed out) 
3. $20.00 (cash or Check payable to KISD)

Physician Referral Note (Click for pdf note)

Any Athlete that see any Medical Professional for any reason (illness or injury) MUST HAVE A NOTE from that Medical Professional BEFORE being able to resume Participation
(see page 2 of the Physical form) – NO EXCEPTIONS!

**EACH TIME YOU GO TO Any Medical Professional- BRING IN A NOTE!**
The MD note for the Athletic Trainers must have the Diagnosis stated and what the athlete can/ can not do (treatment plan if any) turned into the ATR (during AM Treatment time)- THIS IS NOT AN ATTENDANCE/ BACK TO SCHOOL NOTE :) 

***Each time any student-athlete see any medical professional for any reason- a note from that medical professional is given to the AT in a timely manner*** it doesn't matter if that student is able to participate or not. 

Texas Monarch Management Corporation (KISD School Insurance) 
Klein ISD provides a secondary accidental injury insurance coverage for students who participate in UIL sanctioned activities for grades 7 – 12 at no cost to the parent/guardian *

The parent/guardian's insurance policy is always the primary carrier & Klein ISD insurance coverage is the secondary carrier

**There is a deductible that applies for each injury**  

The KISD School Insurance Accident Form MUST be completed by a school official only. This is done via email/ is an electric form so current parent e-mail, insurance information, and questions must be completed on the physical form each year. 

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility that all injuries are reported to an Athletic Trainer/ school official in a timely manner (ASAP) so that proper paperwork may be filled out prior to an MD visit. 

Texas Monarch also offers “At-School” or “Full- Time” insurance plan (information/ brochure given out in the 1st day of school packet) for an additional cost. Please see front office for that information. 

ALL Forms must be completed and on file in the Training Room and Clinic PRIOR to any participation

We ask that a backup of the Medications (inhalers) that may be needed by athletes be kept in the Training Room as the Nurse leaves after school while athletic practice & competition is still on-going.

Permit to Carry an Inhaler

Asthma Action Plan 

Medication Authorization Form

EPI Pen Form

Allergy Action Plan

UIL Medical Exception Form

THE PLATINUM RULE: Any Athlete that sees any Medical Professional for any reason (illness or injury) MUST HAVE A NOTE from that Medical Professional BEFORE being able to resume Participation – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Treatments are each weekday at 6:30 am (Late arrive @ 7:40 am)

Every Athlete MUST sign in each time PRIOR to receiving treatments/ getting taped

No treatments during academic or athletic class unless cleared by Staff Athletic Trainer. Students need to be in class!

No Cleats or Muddy Shoes in Training Room. Athletes must shower prior to treatments/ whirlpool.

Appropriate behavior and dress is required at all times


PDF of Rules: 

Picture of Rules at each entry to the KC ATR