Teri Smith
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Welcome Cougars!
Hello! My name is Coach Teri Smith.  I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Physical Education.  I also coach 7th and 8th grade Athletics.  I coach 8th grade volleyball and 7th grade track.  I am looking forward to a terrific school year. The best way to reach me is at tsmith10@kleinisd.net or at 832-249-5445.

This year in Physical Education we will do a variety of activities.  Some of the activities include volleyball, basketball, football, track, aerobics, roller blading, and more.  We will do the state mandated Fitnessgram.  We will do health one day a week. We will also run the Cougar Trail once a week.

If a student is absent from class for any reason, she MUST come find out what she missed.  A one page report on a sport or athlete of her choice OR a physical activity of the coaches choice is required in order to receive her participation points for the day she was absent.  If the report or physical activity is not done, she will receive a zero for the day of her absence.  Once the grade is made up, the student will receive her 100 for the day.