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Mrs. Porter's Vision for 6th Grade Math

Equipped Scholars 
Mrs. Porter's Promise--at least one full year's growth in meaningful math through multiple and various opportunities to learn each concept.  Our class will take joy in the struggle when a concept proves challenging and celebrate growth as we approach and surpass our personal and class goals.

Everyone matters in our classroom!  We are a brain-stretching, independence-building, laughter-sharing, mistake-making sort of place.

Relationship Builders--We know and Value Each Other
We respect and protect each other's dignity. We practice empathy and integrity. We know each other's names and voices. No one messes with one of Porter's pollitos.  (Pollitos are baby chicks, prized and protected under the wings of the Mama Hen.  As students learn to value all of their fellow "pollitos", they learn to protect and defend each other.)

Growth Mindset--Everyone Can Do Math
It seems that people believe that they are either genetically "math able" or "not good at math."   In our class we believe that everyone can be a mathematician, learning the expected concepts.  We may learn different concepts at different paces, but with a variety of methods used, time to grow and stretch our brains, and much effort, every student can meet or surpass expectations.

      Together we stretch our brains
                            enjoy a challenge              
                           curiously wonder

We are risk-takers, goal-setters, innovative thinkers, curious explorers, self-reflective learners.

We value mistakes-- they stretch our brains!  A mistake allows us to question, re-work, research, correct-- making many new pathways to the correct conclusions in our brains.  
We say,  
"Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen"

TO BE GREAT you must have
     GRIT-- tenacious perseverance
     GRACE-- empathy, humility, kindness
     GRATITUDE-- thankful for opportunities

Our math tutoring morning is Thursday, beginning at 8AM.  However, students are welcome to come to my class for extra help any morning except Wednesday.  They may check in at the front office as early as 8AM, and then come on back to my classroom.
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My telephone number is 832-249-5349

My planning period is 8th:  3:45 - 4:25 PM

Class Syllabus
6th Grade PAP Math Syllabus

6th Grade Accelerated Math Syllabus