Lisa Hansen
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     Hi, I'm Lisa Hansen and this will be my thirteenth year of teaching and all have been here at Greenwood Forest Elementary. My first year as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and the rest teaching Kindergarten.
     Although I received my degree from Sam Houston State University, you might see banners from Texas A&M and OU ( my children's alma maters) in the classroom. We have become a family divided but do agree on one thing, nothing burnt orange allowed in the house.I am a native Houstonian. My husband and I have three children, one grandson and our dog Bailey. I'm sure you will be hearing stories about my grandson and Bailey throughout the year.
      This summer I enjoyed traveling to different cities in this great state of Texas such as Fredericksburg and Waco. I also travel to Punta Cana,DR. As you can see I enjoy traveling but now that  I am ready to begin my other passion of teaching. It is a joy that I have your child  in my class and now I am ready  to start the new school year with him/her.
      This year we will learn how to read and begin writing. We will also learn through our literacy workstations and other fun activities. I'm looking forward to a fun and productive year!