Jane Weatherford
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The Music Memory Listening Program - General Information

Music Memory Listening is a nationally recognized curriculum designed to give students the life-long gift of love for music of the Western tradition. The sixteen selections that the students will hear are chosen from the five major historical periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. Prominent composers of orchestral, vocal, choral, band, and keyboard pieces are featured. This gives our students an opportunity to hear everything from symphonic and choral music, music from the theater, to piano and organ masterworks, and even jazz and opera! All students in grades 1-5 participate in this program as a regular part of their music class using selections 1-16.

Click on the link below for the list of selections for 2017-2018. Included is a short sample from each piece of music. In addition, you may also visit Might Music Publishing's YouTube channel. Enjoy!