Heather Karnes
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Welcome to Algebraic Reasoning and Geometry

I want to welcome everyone to Algebraic Reasoning.

This year will be a unique learning experience for
both myself and 
my students.

 We will all need to put our best
foot forward in our learning experience. 

Never give up!

Class Schedule
1st Period - Algebraic Reasoning
2nd Period - Algebraic Reasoning
3rd Period - Algebraic Reasoning
4th Period - Conference
5th Period - Algebraic Reasoning
6th Period - Algebraic Reasoning
7th Period - Algebraic Reasoning
Lunch - C Lunch
Contact Information
Email - hkarnes1@kleinisd.net
Phone - 832-484-7896
Contact Times: 4th Period:  See school website, quick links for bell schedule.  
Algebra Reasoning Syllabus



Algebraic Reasoning Syllabus 2017 - 2018

Teacher:                    Mrs. Heather Karnes

Email:                        hkarnes1@kleinisd.net  

Classroom phone : 832-484-7896 (please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible)

Tutorial Times:  Monday - Thursday : 6:45 a.m.  Room 274

Course Description:

In Algebraic Reasoning, students will build on the knowledge and skills for mathematics in Kindergarten-Grade 8 and Algebra I, continue with the development of mathematical reasoning related to algebraic understandings and processes, and deepen a foundation for studies in subsequent mathematics courses. Students will broaden their knowledge of functions and relationships, including linear, quadratic, square root, rational, cubic, cube root, exponential, absolute value, and logarithmic functions. Students will study these functions through analysis and application that includes explorations of patterns and structure, number and algebraic methods, and modeling from data using tools that build to workforce and college readiness such as probes, measurement tools, and software tools, including spreadsheets..


  • We will be doing a lot of work this year on our laptops, charge it every night!
  • We will be using a class set of TI-Nspire calculators in class.
  • A pocket folder and pencils every day even if you have your laptop.
  • Textbooks will be online only. Information to be announced.



    Test Days:  

    Test days for math classes are Tuesday and Friday.  We will adhere to these days if at all possible, but may vary from them with administrator approval.


    Grading Determination               Major Grades:  70%                                                                                                      Minor Grades:  30%                     

    Independent Practice:  Minor Grade

  • Expect independent practice to be assigned every day. It will be due the following day.
  • Practice work is to be done to the best of the student’s ability with all work shown.
  • It is never ok to copy another student’s work or the teacher answer key. All work must be 100% original and from the student.


Late Work Policy:


Late work will be accepted with a penalty of 5% off per day late up to 3 days.  After 3 days, students will be assigned Panther Den.  If the work is completed in Panther Den, the grade will be assigned a 15% penalty; if not, the work is assigned a grade of 0.

Quizzes:  Minor Grade

Quizzes will be given frequently to check for understanding. They may be announced or unannounced. Quizzes will not be retested. Instead, a student can replace his/her quiz grade with the original test grade over that unit. If a student is absent for a quiz but was present the day the material was presented, he/she will be required to make up the quiz when he/she returns to class

Testing and Retesting:  Major Grade

A student who earns a grade lower than 75 on a test (excluding final exams) will be provided further instruction during the school day.  Re-teaching is addressed through warm-ups, review activities, small group instruction, and tutoring. During class, the students will be allowed to re-test the material to try and improve the grade for a maximum of 100%. If a student scores below 75 on the retake (Tier 2 Test) and has completed all assignments for that unit, the student will be assigned to Panther Den (if available) for a final reteach/retake opportunity. Otherwise they will have to make arrangements with me to take the Tier 3 Test. The maximum score on a Tier 3 Test will be a 75.

 Student Makeup Work Policy: 

Students are allowed the same number of days that they were absent to do make-up work and must make arrangements with their teacher for making up tests. 

TEKS for Course:  Student objectives are listed at the following website at the end.



Overview of Year:
Below is a course outline with each nine weeks covering 3 units.

1st Nine Weeks 2nd Nine Weeks

Unit 1 - Attributes of Functions Unit 4 - Modeling Linear Functions
Unit 2 - Function Operations Unit 5 - Matrices & Systems

Unit 3 - Attributes of Linear Functions Unit 6 - Attributes of Quadratic Functions

4th Nine Weeks 5th Nine Weeks

Unit 7 - Factoring Polynomials Unit 10 - Regression Models

Unit 8 - Solving Polynomials Unit 11 - Inverse Functions

Unit 9 - Attributes & Modeling Exponentials