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Art Pad - Digital Art

Art Pad
Create and Explore Art

Al Bright Knox
Origami Learning

Origami For Everyone


Origami Instruction

Origami Resource Center

Solve the Mystery......

Mr. PicassoHead

Mr. Picasso Head
Create Mr. Potato Head -like pictures but with a Picasso flair!

Toy Maker
National Gallery of Art...for KIDS!

NGA Kids
Matisse's collage game, Henri Rpusseau's jungle games and much more
Galore Art Activities/coloring pages

Create a Person/yourself-Go Wild!! You can ever visit different Zoos!
Be Jackson Pollock!
Be Creative with Stamps and more!
Create your own Comic!
Play Art Games!
Explore and Color Mandala
Have Fun with Mandala Coloring
Explore Egypt, Greece, and Rome

History for Kids