Connie Shin
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I will appreciate any donation, Thank you!

• Anytime

Baby Wipes
Roll of Foils
?Meat Trays
* Toaster Oven
* Hand Pasta Roller
Cookie Cutters - all shapes ans sizes

•Plexiglass - all sizes
•small unwanted toys - building blocks
•Wood (small pieces and odd shapes)
•Paper towel rolls
• Q-tips
• Straws (without bendy section)
•Fabric (all sizes we use it down to one inch squares) Esp. Burlap
• Plastic lids (water bottle lids, peanut butter jar lids, milk lids, any size lid)
• Silverware you don't want (spoons, forks, butter knives)
•Wire Hangers
• Junk - Games/Puzzles with missing pieces, buttons, plastic items, things you might otherwise throw out :-)even broken tires off of plastic toys!
• Realistic toy horses/animals to draw
• Rolls of wax paper
• Rolls of Cling wrap
• Artificial Flowers and leaves
• Salt (fine and course sizes)
• Brown paper bags
• Beads, Raffia, feathers

• Small balloons; round and oval
• Rice, corn kernels, dried beans

Please ask about any item you are not sure about.
Thank you!