Connie Shin
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My name is Connie Shin, and I have always had a passion for art. I have a home studio and practice creating art as often as I can.  

I am have graduated from North Texas University. My hobbies besides creating art, are photography, digi-scrapbooking, reading, and sewing; however, I love spending time with my family the most. 

I truly believe in art education is a vital part of our lives because it relates to all aspects of our world. Art has a direct relationship with math, science, social study, history, and language art, and music, to just name a few. It really surrounds our lives, and we can relate to it daily on a personal level.

I truly enjoy teaching, and this is my 13th year teaching art in Elementary school. I feel very fortunate that I have a career in which I have been able to combine both of my passions: art and teaching.