Carrie Jackson
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Welcome to Success!!!

Language Arts and Social Studies ROCK!!
You are entering a world of wonder, knowledge, and love of reading. We will discover a love of the written word, both authors and yours, and treasure our time together.

Be sure to bring an open mind and your composition notebooks!

For communication...DOJO me!!

Mrs. Jackson

Brown Bag Reveal!!  Most students have returned their brown bag with 2-5 keepsakes to share with the class.  We will be starting the writing portion of the reveal on Thursday, September 5th.  If you cannot bring in the bag or contents, don't worry,  I will be counting on you to dig deep into your mind to visualize your object(s) and to write about the one special abject.
Look in Class Notes for instructions, rubrics, and notes for assignments!!
Class Notes tab can be found on the left side of this page.
Assignments for EVERY 9 weeks:
Word Study

**All of these pillars will be met through Language Arts and Social Studies activities and assignments :-)
Current Assignments Note
Please check your child's Patriot Planner for all current assignments and due dates. I update my Homework/Due Dates section on my board daily. :-)
Current Grades
Skyward reflects current grades including zeros if an assignment was not turned in on its due date. Grades will be updated every Tuesday.

***If an assignment grade is blank, I have not graded it. Blank does NOT affect student average. Only a zero will affect a student's grade.  My goal this year:  NO ZEROS!! :-)

To access Skyward, go to and click on Parent Access. Then click on Parent Connect. If you need to sign up, you will need your child's social security #, student ID #, and their lunch pin #. After signing up, you can access your child's assignments, view current grades, and set a trigger to be notified if their grade drops below your expectation.