Carrie Jackson
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What a year!! So much growth, good times, and great communication made this a super successful year.  Congratulations to all my 5th graders who are moving up to Intermediate school.  I am very proud of them and wish them all the best. :-)

Have a WONDERFUL summer!!

--Mrs. Jackson

Look in Class Notes for instructions, rubrics, and notes for assignments!!
Class Notes tab can be found on the left side of this page.
Assignments for EVERY 9 weeks:
Word Study

**All of these pillars will be met through Language Arts and Social Studies activities and assignments :-)
Current Assignments Note
Please check your child's Patriot Planner for all current assignments and due dates. I update my Homework/Due Dates section on my board daily. :-)
Current Grades
Skyward reflects current grades including zeros if an assignment was not turned in on its due date. Grades will be updated every Tuesday.

***If an assignment grade is blank, I have not graded it. Blank does NOT affect student average. Only a zero will affect a student's grade.  My goal this year:  NO ZEROS!! :-)

To access Skyward, go to and click on Parent Access. Then click on Parent Connect. If you need to sign up, you will need your child's social security #, student ID #, and their lunch pin #. After signing up, you can access your child's assignments, view current grades, and set a trigger to be notified if their grade drops below your expectation.