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Welcome to seventh grade science.    I have high expectations for behavior and expect my students to do their best on all of their work.    I can be reached at  Thank you for all that you do.  It's going to be a great year.
Pre-AP Courses
PreAP courses are designed to challenge motivated students and prepare them for success in college level course work in high school and in college. These courses typically move at a faster pace, are more academically challenging, and require more independent learning and homework than other courses.

The following are a few important factors to keep in mind:
• Klein ISD’s academic curriculum is a college-bound curriculum.
• While PreAP courses are designed to better prepare students for AP, PreAP courses are not a requirement for enrolling AP courses.
• Always check the course description for prerequisites.
• PreAP is not “all or nothing.” Students may take from one to all of their core classes as PreAP.
• Students develop academic readiness at different rates and may not be ready for PreAP at the same time as their friends or classmates.

Profile of a Successful PreAP Student:
• Professes interest in subject selected
• Develops and maintains excellent study skills and habits
• Carefully considers time commitments and balances academic load with family life or outside commitments
• Asks questions and participates in class
• Perseveres when faced with challenging material
• Asks for assistance when needed
• Plans and works ahead on long-term projects

Exiting a PreAP Course:
A student may exit Pre-AP courses during the first six-weeks grading period or at the end of the first semester (regardless of student performance) and must have teacher and parent approval. Students should consider exiting a course at the end of the first semester if they do not maintain at least a “C” average for the semester.
Progress Reports and Report Cards
School wide Progress Reports will go home on the following Wednesdays and must be signed and returned by Friday.

Students who earn a D or F in science will also be given a detailed white progress report just for my class. They are required to get it signed by a parent and return it to me, as I don't see the school wide progress reports and I want to be sure you know how your child is doing.

Report Cards will go home. The little slip on the very bottom must be signed and returned to school within one week.

Report card rules are the same as progress reports.
Every effort will be made to ensure this website is updated at least weekly. However, these tools are to assist students and parents with classroom information. It does not take the place of the student’s responsibility of copying down assignments in class and being prepared for due dates and test dates. Availability (or not) of information on this website will not excuse a student from completing work.