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Hello Students and Parents!

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Made with love

Password: StrackArtBaust




Mrs. Baust is now
also teaching ART I High school credit

Please keep in mind that the best time for a meeting or phone call
would be in the morning before school between 8 and 8:40am


Student ART guide, a great web resource for
budding artists:


why some art students never get
high grades...hmmmm...... 



Welcome to the Strack Art Program. We are
that your student has selected one
of our art courses as their elective. The
primary goal of our curriculum is to introduce
art to your child as they creatively use a
variety of artistic media.

Strack Intermediate furnishes all the tools,
equipment and materials needed in each
art course.

These supplies are purchased through Strack
for $37.00 per year or $18.50 per semester.
Because we are able to buy in such large
quantities through district suppliers, a materials
charge is more economical than trying to buy
the correct supplies individually.

To pay the class fee for any art class,
 please use School Cash Online at :

Dear Mom and Dad,
I want you to understand that my report card is a picture of my school progress. When you meet with my teacher, you will learn many things about my life at school, even some things that might surprise you. My teacher knows me as I am at school. You know how I am at home. The "real" me is somewhere in between. Hopefully these two pictures will become blended with acceptance and understanding.......into a shining portrait of ME.