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Initial Terms/ Vocabulary
50 Terms*

Notebook Table of Contents
Example of the material that is required- ALL papers handed out/ notes are to be kept in the notebook.

Taping Powerpoint Lessons

Taping Notes

Concussion & MRSA Deaths
Make sure you have read the articles and watched the news story regarding Concussion and MRSA deaths as wells as the GSSI information (links page). TEST MATERIAL

Concussion Lesson

Concussion- Study Guide
Concussion Chapter

Intro & History (Chapter 1)

Ch 1 Study Guide

Organizing & Administration (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 Study Guide

Budget Assignment: 3 part assignment- follow directions given in class and use your time wisely!

Budget Assignment (EXCEL SpreadSheet)
KC BID- Budget project 2015
Budget rubric

Rubrics(grading guide for an assignment)can be found by logging into the GradeSpeed Gradebook.
Here is an example of the 1st Assignment Rubric:

Chapter 3 Study Guide

Legal Liability & Insurance (Ch.3)

Chapter 4 Study Guide

Preventing Injuries through Fitness Training (Ch.4)

Chapter 5 Study Guide

Nutritional Considerations (Ch.5)

Chapter 6 Study Guide
Protective Sports Equipment (Ch.6)

Chapter 7 Study Guide
Emergency Situation and Injury Assessment (Ch.7)

Chapter 8 Study Guide
Bloodborne Pathogens (Ch.8)

Psychological Aspects of Sports Injury -Chapter 9 Study Guide
Psychological Aspects of Sports Injury (Ch.9)

Environmental Factors Chapter 10 Study Guide

Environmental Factors (Ch.10)

Chapter 11 Study Guide
Basics of Injury Rehabilition (Ch.11)

Chapter 12 Study Guide

Recognizing different sports injuries (Ch.12)
HOPS (Chapter13)

Sudy Guide HOPS Chapter-13

Ice/Heat (Chapter 14)

Study Guide Ice vs Heat Chapter 14

Medical Terminology (abdominal quadrants)(Ch.15)

Study Guide Medical Terms Chapter 15

Answers to Medical Terms CH. 15

Abdominal Handout

Medical Terms Review
Lower Anatomy Study Guide

Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg (Chapter 16)

STUDY_GUIDE_Foot and ankle 
Ankle, foot, lower limb handout

Knee and Hip(Chapter 17)

Tylenol Anatomy- Knee

Knee Handout

Hip & Pelvis Handout

Upper Limb Study Guide

Study Guide- Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder

Upper Limb Handouts

Hand, Wrist (Chapter 18)

Elbow, Shoulder (Chapter 19)

Head and Body/ Torso (Chapter 20)

Head and Body/ Thorax Chapter Study Guide

Head, Spine and Thorax Handouts

Additional Health Concerns (Chapter 21)
Sports Medicine II
Overview of SMI

Lower Limb (blood supply/nerves)

Knee,Hip- Special Tests

Upper Limb Study Guide SM2

Additional Terms

Greater Houston Athletic Trainer's Society (GHATS)-MAJOR GRADES

1st Semester Project- MAJOR GRADES!!!