Mike Keimig
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M. Keimig-- 8th Gr Pre AP Language Arts and 8th Grade Regular Language Arts
Welcome to my classroom webpage. Use this page to stay informed about our class. You may access our daily agendas, handouts, and much more.

The most efficient way to communicate and keep you informed of your child’s academic progress and general classroom information is via e-mail. I can be contacted at the following address: mkeimig1@kleinisd.net

One parent of each student should e-mail me during the first week of school.
• Place your child’s first and last name and the period of his/her English class in the subject line.
• Include any other email addresses in the “CC” line of the header.

Please make sure you frequently check your child's grades on-line through KISD's Parent connection by signing up on the following page link.
You will need three items to begin access:
Student ID number,
Social Security Number or State-issued number,and
Date of birth
Daily Agenda
This is where I will post the slides that I project in my classroom everyday. You may use these to remember what we planned to cover each day. You may also access these slides if you were absent.