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What An Amazing Start!!!

Ok, can I be honest?!  I'm scared....well, really nervous.  I know we had a hurricane and a lot of first-of-year craziness, but this school year, the school part, is off to a GREAT start.  Can this keep going!?!

First, I love, love, love my kiddos.  They are working hard with me and enthusiastic!  I mean, they laugh at most of my bad jokes and roll their eyes at the appropriate time.  I'm getting questions when they don't understand (a teacher's dream) and constantly see random acts of kindness.  Thanks to EVERYONE involved for doing what it takes!

We have played our way through physics: throwing a bowling ball, racing on flatbed dollys, running, skipping (and even barrel rolling), and played a little tug-o-war!  While the labs were fun, the students wrestled with the concepts and worked hard at the math.  I am pleased. We will visit these concepts several more times before STAAR.

And now we turn our sights to chemistry.  Students love the idea of playing with fire and mixing chemicals, so that is the "hook."  But, it is chemistry and there is a lot of hard work involved.  Don't hesitate to jump to the chemistry link and start to work ahead in preparation for upcoming tests an quizzes.  This is one you can't study too much for!

Well, that about wraps it for now.  If we can keep the momentum(p=mv) ...sorry a little science reference... going, I am enthusiastic about the outcomes for the year!  Thanks to all and stay tuned!!!

Strack:  Impacting futures by learning today

Welcome to 17-18 School Year
Wahoooooooo!  I am soooooo glad to be back!  I love school.

Let me repeat that - I LOVE SCHOOL!

Welcome back (or welcome the first time) to Strack.  I want to lead off by telling you that if there is anything I can do to help your student become more successful, please let me know.

The 17-18 year represents my 10th year at Strack and my 20th year of teaching. Each year, I feel that I learn a bit more and also crave more skills to help students learn science.

In addition to the the time I have put in, I have had lots of experiences that will help your student succeed. Over the years, I have worked as team leader and department chair. I have worked with several different administrations and learned something new from each of them. And of course, I have worked with thousands of young people!

We have a lot in common. I live right here in the community. I have three children; three recent Klein High graduates.  My baby is a junior at Texas A&M this year.  I also have two amazing grand-babies, so I am starting over as well! I can relate to what it takes to be a middle school parent! Most of all, I share your goal of seeing your child soar to the limits of his/her ability.

Over the years, both as a teacher and as a parent, I have found that something which is very important to me is parent-teacher communication. Feel free to reach out to me. If you have any questions about what's going on, drop me a note. Together, we will succeed! Science Rulz!!!

Strack:  Where Cougars belong and Cougars succeed!