Gonzalo Torres
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Grading Guidelines:
Tests = 60% of total grade 
Class Work /Quizzes = 40% of total grade 

Citizenship / Conduct Grade Rubric

Testing Days:

Our testing days are Tuesday and Friday. Quizzes can be given any day.
Please check the calendar tab for upcoming test dates.

Test Retake:
Students can retake a failed major test. Students will have the opportunity for reteaching prior to the retest. Retakes are given once per test. If the re-take score is lower than original test the higher of the two scores will be counted. Re-tests will be given before or after school during tutoring hours.

Students are expected to work on new math skills practices and problem solving during class daily. If work is not completed during class, students are expected to do it at home. It is important that students attempt to solve all problems and to bring questions next day to class. In addition, due to the fast-paced advanced courses such as PreAP Math and Accelerated Math, students are expected to work on more challenging problem-solving practices and to justify answers by writing about the mathematical processes used.


For each day of absence, the student has the same amount of days to make up the work. 
Missing assignments and make up tests can done during Bulldog Period or during before or after school tutoring.