Brian Zimont
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Brian Zimont
This is my Eighth year as an art teacher, and Fifth at Strack. I truly believe that the arts are a crucial subject for our students. Not only as a creative/social outlet, but also as a source for cross curricular vocabulary. There are many studies attributing students in fine arts scoring higher on their tests then those not in fine arts.
Art is more than scribbling
While producing artwork is a major focus of our curriculum there are many more important aspects.
Understanding the Elements and Principles of Art is the primary goal of art education at this level. With proper instruction students will be able to produce visually pleasing artwork and be able to intelligently critique artwork.
Masters of Art
Nearly every assignment has a study of a genre or style of art to learn about first. Also individual artists are covered to expose the students to different styles of expression.
Art as an outlet
Art can help people express their thoughts, fears and emotions in a healthy way. By showing ways to translate their ideas realistically or abstractly students can release some built up emotion.
In addition we cover many different cultures, in order to respect and appreciate our differences.