Tim Beasley
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Physics I and ESS, Mr. Beasley

I teach level physics and Earth/Space Science. Science is great.  Before teaching I was a technical translator and before that I worked in small businesses and for an NGO. My one main idea about school is that students shouldn't see courses as set of rituals to follow in order to get a grade, like a chicken pecking at symbols to get feed. The goal of assignments is to learn--and you never know when something you learn will be useful or when the skill of being able to learn will help you in your career or life.

Most course content will be available in the learning management system, BlackBoard.  Materials are kept there at least until the end of each semester. Grades in BlackBoard are not complete and if there are any alterations to exam scores that will not be shown in BlackBoard.

I update the online course calendar in BlackBoard as time permits, but each week's agenda is posted on the whiteboard in my room by the start of class the first day of each week and should be consulted by the students. No student should ever be surprised by a test or assignment that's due. I always have good intentions about keeping the online calendar updated--it's just not at the top of my "to do" list.

Supplies: All students must have a couple of composition books. Physics students must have a protractor. They will need one composition book in the fall and one in the spring and since they're cheap in the fall you should just buy two of them. The protractor can be kept in the composition book. (These are the kind you're used to from elementary school, but preferably college ruled. They are not spiral notebooks.) The "journal" will be kept in class most of the time. I'd suggest having a spiral notebook for working on assignments, reminders, and for when students want to work on drafts of assignments on paper instead of computer.

I enforce Klein ISD behavior policies: I expect students to not use their phones or MP3 players during class without permission, to not play games. Both will result in referrals or confiscation of technology. I don't allow eating or drinking nor do I permit gum. (I make exceptions to these from time to time and have been known to bring in donuts.) I do expect students to come to class with at least a pencil and well rested to learn. Late work and grading policies will be provided after the start of the year, either by email or through your student.
My Klein email is tbeasley1@kleinisd.net. My class phone number is 832-484-4889. I may (or may not) answer the phone during the school day. Email is far the best way to reach me.