Gregg Blanchard
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My family meeting Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn in Washington DC
US History
I'm Coach Gregg Blanchard and have been teaching here at Kleb since the 1996-97 school year. I am a product of the Klein school system, going to Strack and Klein High School.

 I have taught US and Texas History, boys and girls PE and I have coached many sports.  My wife teaches 8th grade science at Kleb as well.  We have 2 great boys- Grayden is in 7th grade and AJ is in elementary school. We are Disney World and Lego fans.

American History has always been a passion of mine and I love teaching and learning new things about American History. I have a lot of family history from the beginning of our country and I hope that the students take an active role in finding out about their ancestors.

This is my first year teaching 6th Grade History and I am excited to see what this new adventure brings.  We will be learning about the different cultures and governments that most of our ancestors have come from.  

Tutoring days are Tuesday and Wednesday or by appointment, which the student can work with me in class.

I coach 8th Grade Football, Track and Field, and Tennis.

I am the 8th Grade Washington DC Trip Coordinator.

Any questions please email me for a quicker response at or phone 832-249-5557.
Test Days- Tuesday and Thursdays
7th Grade Football