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Please choose your favorite Patriot Book. You may only pick one title.
Patriot Books
Which one did you like best?

Anna Was Here
A Home for Mr. Emerson
A Way to Stay in Destiny
Boy on the Porch
Certain Poor Shepherds: A Christmas Tale
Clara and Davie
Enemy Pie
Fish in a Tree
Follow the Moon Home
Gone Fishing! A Novel in Verse
Great Pet Escape
Great Shelby Holmes
Last Kids on Earth
Little Cat's Luck
Lola Levine, Drama Queen
Mahalia Jackson: Walking with Kings and Queens
My Grandfather's Coat
Noisy Paint Box
Snicker of Magic
Some Kind of Courage
Spirit Week Showdown
The War that Saved my Life
To Dare Mighty Things
Trouble with Babies
Truth of Me
Unidentified Suburban Object
Year of the Three Sisters
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