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Parents & Guardians
If you would like the counselor to speak to your child please fill out the form below. Note: School counseling is considered a regular educational service provided by the school, so legally the counselor can see a minor student without parent consent.
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The conversations between a student and the school counselor adhere to confidentiality standards. The information is private between the parent/guardian, the student, and the counselor. The counselor will share information on a need to know basis with relevant parties (principal, assistant principal, CYS worker, behavior specialist, classroom teacher, etc.) after discussing the matter with the parents/ student. Confidentiality must be broken as required by law when: Ethically, school counselors are required to take appropriate action if students engage in behavior that presents clear and imminent danger to themselves and others. Legally, they're required to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect, and they're also required to respond to subpoenas and participate in other legal proceedings dictated by the courts.