McDougle Clinic
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Welcome to McDougle!

School Nurse:

Meredith Fehlker BSN, RN

Tel: 832-484-7554

Clinic Fax:  832-484-7637


Clinic Assistant:
Judy Herrera

(Se habla Espanol)

Tel: 832-484-7555


2016-2017 End Of School Year Information:

End of the 2016-2017 school year procedures require that parents pick up all medications stored in the clinic before the last day of school (June 1, 2017). Medications that are left here the last day of school will be destroyed on Friday June 2, 2017.  Students may NOT take medications home.

The clinic will be closed from Saturday June 3, 2017 through the summer months.  We will return the beginning of August.

Please bring 2017-2018 paperwork, shot records, care plans, etc. to school beginning in August. If I am not available, the front office staff will place paperwork in my mailbox.  Paperwork may also be faxed to 832-484-7637 but please be advised that the machine may be turned off during the summer months and I cannot guarantee that it will received.  I will not be answering emails until I return in August.

Medications and med authorization forms can be brought to the clinic the week before school starts. Please call ahead to make sure the nurse or clinic assistant will be available. Thank You.


**Parent Notes for PE exclusion**


A parent note is accepted to excuse a child from PE/Recess for 3 days. A physician note is required for more than 3 days.
If your child is excluded from PE/Recess from the physician due to injury or illness, please include when the child is able to return to full activities.



**Update Contact Information of Parents/Guardians**

Please inform me of any health conditions that could affect your child during the school day and if any health accommodations will be necessary. It is very important for the school to reach you at all times especially in the event of an emergency. Please inform the front office, school nurse & teachers anytime a phone number changes.


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