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Daycare and After School Services
Many of the daycares in the area serve McDougle students. Names and phone numbers of those businesses are as follows:
Alpha Kids Center                                            713-466-8908
Champions After School Care (at McDougle) 832-790-7546 or 281-649-6339     Brandie Fields
Child Time                                                        281-894-8847                                Janet Kriticos
City of Refuge                                              281-580-1060 or 281-580-8686    Teneka Humptrey
EC Learning                                                     281-440-9998
Elite City Kids                                                  281-445-5437                                Ms. Davis
Incop Daycare                                                   281-931-1650                                James West
Kicks-n-Giggles                                              281-397-0566                                 Mitzi Benton
Kids Unlimited                                                 281-580-5437                                Donna Johnson
Kidz Academy                                                  281-895-9225                                Cynthia Prater
Kinsmen                                                            281-444-3127 ext. 35
New Hope                                                         281-580-1060
Pathway to Learning                                         281-893-2336
Rainbow Brite Academy                                  281-440-5437                                Mary Dearman
Thelma Cares Academy                                  713-983-9000                             Thelma Anderson
Tiny Tots                                                          281-537-1333                             Sonia Robles
Unity Child Development                                281-820-4448                            
Upward & Bound                                      281-847-2299        Daniel Richmond/Desiree Sterling
Young and Gifted Learning Center          281-591-2425                                 Yolanda Le

If you are interested in volunteering at McDougle, please click here for Klein ISD's volunteer information.
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