M. Shea
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Welcome! I am Mrs. Shea. I have taught at Doerre for over 20 years and can assure you that your student is coming to one of the highest-ranked intermediate schools in Texas. We will be reading many articles and books (both fiction and non-fiction) by a diverse group of authors. It should be a year of exposure to a great deal of knowledge and different points-of-view. Students will learn many new facts, opinions, and ideas, in addition to having great adventures as we sharpen our critical thinking skills to analyze what we've read.
Please click on the Classwork/Homework/Tests tab at the top of this page to view the daily classwork as well as homework assignments.

Major grades comprise 60% of the student's overall average. L.A. major test days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Tutorials/re-test/make-up test days are Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. Students need to arrive by 8:15 at the latest in order to have enough time to accomplish our mission without rushing. Students arriving after 8:15 will need to re-schedule for another morning.
Daily assignments account for 40% of the overall average, so it is extremely important that students keep up with their daily assignments and make-up work when they are absent. As always, regular attendance without unnecessary absences is vital to students' successful fulfillment of their academic potential.
My conference period is 3rd period, from approximately 10:45-11:15 My email address is mshea@kleinisd.net, and my school phone number is 832-249-5726. I check both daily, but often I can give quicker replies to simple questions via email, and (infrequently I hope) there are particularly busy days where I may not check my phone messages due to limited non-class time.
We expect to have an interesting and exciting year. In  my time at Doerre, many parents have told me that their students are becoming more eager readers, which is music to my ears and which is perhaps my most important goal. We also will be working on spelling, grammar, writing, and higher-level thinking skills, many of which are taught in conjunction with our readings.
Sixth grade is a year of great growth and discovery. We will visit many new lands and make many new friends through our readings. Let the adventures begin!